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  Due to problems with some airline managements taking disciplinary action

against their own staff for social  media comments, this particular site in our

'Crew Social' offerings is, unfortunately, restricted to the above.

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- Marmite? -

Have you ever seen an air hostess in a jumpsuit or a hijab? No, right? But British Airways has now unveiled its new uniform for the first time in 20 years. The women cabin crew of the airline will now be wearing jumpsuits and the option of hijab has also been included. The collection has been created by British fashion designer and tailor, Ozwald Boateng, OBE.

Who is Ozwald Boateng, OBE and where did he draw his inspiration from?

Ozwald Boateng, OBE is a British fashion designer, best known for his trademark twist on classic tailoring and bespoke styles. He worked for five-year with Boateng to come up with the uniforms. He took inspiration from the movement of air over an aircraft wing and the workers who fly in the planes, and created an airwave pattern on jackets, t-shirts, buttons, and ties. All the new garments feature jacquard fabric.

The collection also features regular and slim fit style trousers and dress, skirt and trouser options for women, as well as a modern jumpsuit – which is an airline first. A tunic and hijab option has also been created for the global carrier.

Sean Doyle, British Airways Chairman, and CEO, said, “Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will carry us into our future, representing the very best of modern Britain and helping us deliver a great British original service for our customers. From the very start, this has been about our people. We wanted to create a uniform collection that our people are proud to wear and with the help of over 1,500 colleagues, we are confident that we have delivered this.”

Ozwald Boateng, who designed the new uniform of British Airways, said, “Designing this uniform was a vast and painstaking undertaking and it went far beyond clothes. It was about creating an energetic shift internally. One of my main objectives was to create something that spoke to, and for, the airline’s colleagues. Something that inspired and empowered them, encouraged them to conduct their roles with pride and most importantly to ensure that they felt seen and heard. Although the airline has a strong heritage, it was imperative to support in creating a fresh narrative of change and transcendence, while remaining timeliness.”

Emma Carey, British Airways’ cabin crew, who was one of the colleagues who carried out secret trials of the uniform, said, “It’s been a real honour and responsibility to help test the new uniform and put it through its paces at 35,000ft to make sure it’s fit for purpose, with thousands of my colleagues counting on me. It was great to see that adjustments were made after our feedback. The pockets on the apron, for example, were widened after the trial so we had more room for everything we need during meal services on board. I can’t wait for our customers to see the new collection.”

(Source:-  Financial Express)

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